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Baer is Home Security system provider in Davie, protecting and securing your home. We reinforce doors, install extra deadbolts, change locks, and can handle any kind of home security or resident’s issue. The biggest concerns homeowner’s have told us, is that work is done properly, and for a reasonable price. Therefore, that is our most important focus at Baer. We ensure everything is installed and working the right way. New hardware installation, and home locks and doors are our specialty. We are trained contractors, so we make sure all aspects are working together. We also provide service for hurricane keys, sliding glass doors, electronic locks and more:

  • Andersen Door Lock
  • Lock Changes
  • Installing Extra Deadbolts
  • Reinforcing Doors
  • Home Security Davie
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Hurricane Locks & Keys
  • Sliding Glass Door Lock
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From front door and cameras to your sliding glass and windows, our Residential Locksmith in Davie will repair, service and install things right. At Baer, we are full security consultants. We can tell you where your home security system and hardware is vulnerable or weak. Our home technicians are trained in multiple areas, for example carpentry and doors or framing and windows. We’re commonly installing extra deadbolts, and drilling bolts deeper to strengthen the security of your home. We also line doors with metal, use highly rated G1 and G2 locks, and create barriers when needed. Thus you’ll have a greatly improved and solid barrier for your home. Whether it’s high security, hurricane locks or french doors, our work is guaranteed.


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Home Security is the first priority. Some examples of what we do are, installing better locks, and aligning doors and frames. We secure and fasten woodwork together, for inner and outer beams. Baer Security can install your metal work further and deeper. In addition, we can line the area with new metal to cover vulnerable points. We put in new locks, to create a 3 bar system on a front door, or even sliding glass. Customers often tell us we’re very customer oriented, and treat people well. This means many things like, basing the outcome on your needs, and prioritizing the residential security Davie job. Moreover, it’s doing the job right, and checking everything afterwards. You’re at the center of our business.

  • Schlage Locks
  • Andersen Door Lock
  • Baldwin Hardware
  • Residential Security
  • Electronic Locks
  • Lock & Door Repair
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Types of Lock and Doors, Higher Rating Grades

At Baer Security Davie, we service many different Lock and Doors brands, including Schlage, Baldwin, Kwikset, LSDA, Weslock, and Defiant. We also repair and install Medeco, Multi-Lock, Titan, Andersen Doors, 3 point locks, Panic Bars, Gate Exit Locks, and more. Since we’re in the field most of the time, instead of inside in a shop, we have more experience with the installation, functioning and repair. Moreover, our specialists work on your locks and doors, are trained in wood and metal, and handle carpentry often involved with the equipment. To build the security system properly and understand it, it’s better to be trained in multiple areas. You’ll quickly see the difference.

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