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Baer has been providing locks, security builds, and consultation for many years. We are the hardware to other security experts software. We have consistently been reliable professionals, as a lock and key systems contractor for homes. Furthermore, Baer is often in the field doing commercial applications as well. We work at an advanced level on expensive systems, performing wood and metal mod. Therefore, we know how to do things correctly and to make your property more safe. You’ll feel secure you chose to do it right, because we understand different kinds of home security mechanics and systems.

  • Security Systems
  • Frame Repair
  • Strikes, Mortising
  • Metal Barriers
  • Metal Lining & Pickguards
  • Window Locks
  • Panic Bar


We’re Security System professionals and Master Locksmiths that cover a wide variety of services in this area. We can help you with many aspects where security is important. Being commercial fully trained, we handle wood, metal and composites. Baer residential security Davie is in the business of protecting people, merchandise, and property. In particular, we know what the vulnerable points are and how to fix them. You’ll hear things like, doing this makes that aspect 2, 3 or 4 times as strong. We’ll show you what we’re doing as we work, and how the old system was lacking. Here at Baer, we’ve done many Residential and Commercial jobs. We know the issues involved, and how to repair or improve them. As a result, we build the system to make your security stronger.

Security Consultants


Baer performs general home security, residential locksmith Davie, lockouts, upgrades, hardware changes and more. This includes new installations / cross bores, fixing and creating barriers against picking. We create pool gate safety for homeowner code and other lock and security system design. No matter what age or style, Baer carries a range of products. We also modify materials to ideally fit your doors and windows, and eliminate any security vulnerability. We’re always raising the bar, and it’s well worth it to do that for your home. At the same time, we provide value and affordability as local community professionals.

  • Gates, Building Codes
  • New Doors, Hinges
  • Hurricane Locks
  • Security Checks
  • Security Upgrade
  • Commercial Experience
  • Master Locksmiths

Full Commercial Locksmith, Security Systems and Davie Emergency

If you’ve locked keys in the house or car, our locksmith Davie emergency techs are there for these situations. If you use Baer, we’re ready for other emergencies as well. Our security system technicians have the equipment and skill to help you. We have many years of experience, and are familiar with different systems and products. Thus, we have the knowledge, skills and preparation to do things right. Baer locksmith in Davie FL also charges fair prices. We have the incentive to do the job well, because our company is located in Broward, Florida.

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